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Stealth Government


The current (May 2004) Labour government is recognised to be doing much of its government by stealth. This contravenes a fundamental part of government which is to be honest.


- Stealth taxes.

Taxes which the electorate do not realise that they are paying because they are indirect.

- Law requiring disabled access to staff toilets even if there are no disabled staff and that there is no disabled access to the building.

- Stealth Debt

   Up to £100 billion pounds of National Debt is not shown on the grounds that it is the debt of private companies such as Network Rail even though it is effectively guaranteed by the government.

- 18JUN2004 Page 24 The Times. £450 million has been spent on setting up the arrangements for the Public Private Partnership to keep the London Underground debt off the government’s books. The government claims that it has not guaranteed the tube companies’ debts but “would not stand idly by and do nothing in these circumstances”.

- Stealth Nationalization.

Many ‘private companies such as the Electricity and Water companies are so tightly regulated as to dictate their profit or loss. They are thus effectively nationalized.

17JUN2004 Telegraph Page 8

Government ‘Claimant count’ fell to 2.8% but International Labour Organisation ‘Economically inactive’ rose to 4.8%


23rd April 2005 Daily Telegraph George Trefgarne page 12

(Unfunded liability for)….pensions of the 5 million public sector workers has risen dramatically in the last two years  from £425 billion to £700 billion. (This with the acknowledged National Debt of about £450 billion  takes the debt per household from £44,000 to £56,000 an increase of £12,000 in just 2 years.)


1st May 2005  Sunday-Times Page 4 Business section David Smith

The cost of implementing regulations is a stealth tax. A running total of £39 billion since 1998.


Business Rates

Set by National Government who keep 91%. Source: Kit Malthorne, Deputy Leader of Westminster City Council.


21MAY2005 Telegraph Page 29

Office for National Statistics may re-classify £24 Billion of the £43 Billion ‘invested’ in government projects such as prisons, hospitals as public spending/National Debt.

15JUN2005 Telegraph Page 1 BY George Jones, Political Editor

The Government is diverting £600 million a year (half the Lottery money originally given to Charities) to normal government expenditure, turning it into a stealth tax.


03JUN2005 email from Neil Collins of Telegraph describes 3 ‘inflation’ indexes from which the government can choose to suit its arguments.

“The RPI=Retail Prices Index (which gives us "headline"

inflation) contains council tax and mortgage interest costs.

RPIX(RPI minus X=the Bank's target for setting interest rates) excludes mortgage costs, and

the CPI(Consumer Price Index) excludes council tax, which is why the government

likes it”. NC

17JUN2005 Local government income from Parking now exceeds £1 billion

19JUN2005 Sunday Telegraph Page 12 by Christopher Booker

The EU is ignoring the NO vote on the constitution which was supposed to justify:-

- £7bn space programme.

- Charter of Fundamental Rights

- EU Diplomatic service

- The European Defence Agency.


2005JUL21 Telegraph Business2 +Jobs Section Page A3

Non-Jobs are listed weekly under the heading ‘Non-Job of the week. This week it was ‘Regional Culture in Regional Development Manager’

£29thousand to £32thousand. 2 year contract.




02OCT2005 Sunday Telegraph by Liam Halligan

£875million deficit in Turner & Newall Pension Fund will not be covered by the government’s Finacial Assistance Scheme as expected. Instead, due to a technicality it will come under the new Pension Protection Fund (PPF). It therefore becomes a stealth tax on the companies which are members of the PPF.


25JAN2006 The government has raised £400 million from companies for its pension protection fund but not spent it. It has thus got itself an interest free loan.


15MAY2006 Telegraph Page B4 by Andrew Cave

John Prescott initiated a competition “Design for manufacture” leading the public to believe that houses could be built for £60,000 rather than the £hundreds of thousands that they currently cost. The catch is revealed to be that they would in fact be sold at the market price regardless of the building cost. The supply would also be limited by planning restrictions and land availability. Thus the demand would increase by 209,000 housholds while supply only increased by 100,000 houses. 30% of the new style housing  will be offerred as “Social” or “affordable” housing meaning that some buyers are subsidized by other taxpayers who have to pay the full price, a form of stealth tax


30SEP2006 BG: The Government has taken away some of our Constitutional Rights by stealth.

The government and councils are acting illegally in imposing fines before conviction by a court as per the Bill of Rights 1689

“That all grants and promises of fines and forfeitures of particular persons before conviction are illegal and void”.

They have also assumed the right to increase the fines if we do not pay these fines on demand despite our right to be fined only in proportion to the offence (Item 20 Magna Carta 1215),

The argument that later acts can override these Magna Carta and Bill of Rights is false as the later Acts derive their authority from the Crown which only has the authority granted by the Magna Carta and Bill of Rights.


07OCT2006 Telegraph Page 1 by David Derbyshire – Consumer Affairs Editor

1 in 4 Homes caught in Stamp Duty Trap

While claiming to believe in the mobility of Labour charges a person moving from one 3 bed house (£450,000) in the London suburbs to another £3,000 in stamp duty.


15OCT2006 Sunday Telegraph Pages P1 and B4 by Liam Halligan, Economics Editor quoting Terry Arthur,Fellow of the Institure of Actuaries.

The abolition of Adbvanced Corpotration Tax Relief on the dividends that pension funds received on their investments has cost companies not £5 billion a year as previously thought but a total of £100-£150 billion over the last 9 years. The extra cost arose because the companies had to pay extra money into their pension funds at the expense of their profits. This caused a one off reduction in the value of their shares, As this was a one-off reduction it represented a stealth tax of £95-£145 billion in the year it was introduced.


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